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Tenant Solutions


The design of your workplace clearly has an impact on the wellbeing of your business, from company image & perception, to employee satisfaction & retention, to most important of all - bottom line profitability.  Understanding these key elements and its impact prior to any renovation is critical.  Trinity Construction can assist you in addressing these important questions.

Company Image

First Impressions are everything!  What image or perception do you want your business to portray to the public?  Does the immediate presence of an elaborate reception area or conference room help facilitate business transactions?  What amenities do you need to provide to your clients?  All of these questions and many more need to be considered and addressed in order to create the ideal work place.

Conducive Work Environment

What kind of environment are you trying to create?  What are the needs of your employees with regard to offices, common areas, meeting rooms, information technology & communication, employee break rooms, etc.?  Will the design of your space facilitate appropriate communication and interaction among employees and clients?

Space Efficiency

Is the space designed in a way for employees and customers to navigate through the space intuitively and easily?  Are your operations and departments arranged in a logical manner to optimize workflow?  What are the optimal lighting, communication, and/or ventilation scenarios to maximize work efficiency while lowering energy costs?  Will this layout accommodate future growth or expansion?

Whether you are starting a new business, renovating, or adding to an existing business, let Trinity Construction be an integral part of your organization's strategy.  You can count on us to get the job done to your specifications, within budget, and on time.